About Us

Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire

Deatak is the premier name in flammability testing because our name literally means smoke. Derived from the Gaelic word deatach, the company’s name conveys what we are passionate about: fire! Deatak is the most recent chapter in the story of The Govmark Organization. Formed in New York in 1972 as a testing laboratory, they began producing high quality, reliable flammability test instruments that quickly became the cornerstone of labs around the world. In 2005, the testing and manufacturing divisions separated and resulted in the formation of Govmark Ltd in Illinois. Initially, Govmark Ltd was commissioned to add additional instruments to the existing catalog, including the Microscale Combustion Calorimeter, Cone Calorimeter, and Rate of Heat Release Tester (OSU). In 2012, all production was transitioned to Govmark Ltd as an independent company. Govmark Ltd changed its name to Deatak in 2015 and continues to deliver the superior products and service customers have come to expect. With its new name, Deatak strives to bring innovative designs and technological advances to the flammability test industry.

Deatak, On the Cutting Edge

Deatak is the largest manufacturer of flammability test instruments in North America. Formerly Govmark Ltd, Deatak has been producing state of the art instruments on the cutting edge of the industry for over 40 years. We boast a line of instruments with advanced digital controls and safety features that test to FAA, ASTM, ISO, and a multitude of other standards that measure values such as burn rate, burn length, and heat release. Additionally, our talented and imaginative research and development team is continuously creating new instruments as well as exploring ways to advance existing models. By staying on top of industry trends, Deatak offers customers the most advanced solutions for their flammability test instrument needs.

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