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Customer Experiences with Deatak

Deatak is recognized and respected by top companies around the world. When it comes to fire test instruments, our customers trust us to get the job done.

When our lab was buying our first flammability testing equipment, Deatak exceeded our expectations at every level. Deatak quickly provided us with a quote, spent time on the phone answering countless questions, invited us to see the equipment prior to purchase, and continues to offer great after-sale support. Deatak and their employees now seem more of an extension of our own company than just suppliers. For both turn-key and custom systems, Deatak has continuously provided us with excellent service.

— Andrew Feghali, Lab Manager Aeroblaze Laboratory

I have known the principles of Deatak, Fred Schall and Michael Schall, for about 20 years. I was the founder and CEO of The Govmark Organization. Govmark was a major independent fire testing laboratory and major supplier of fire test instruments. During the last 10 years of my stewardship, I came to rely upon the manufacturing capabilities of Deatak. All Govmark instruments sold during this period were actually manufactured by Deatak. Most of the large scale instruments, FAA Radiant Panel, Cone Calorimeter, NBS & ISO Smoke Boxes, etc., were installed by Deatak along with onsite technical training. I have often visited their manufacturing facility and have been impressed with the degree of workmanship and engineering talent that Deatak possesses. Through intensive technical committee representation, Deatak is at the forefront of what industry requires. Deatak sells those instruments that are needed to assure compliance with the various building and transportation codes. If your needs are for fire testing instrumentation, you should feel quite comfortable in placing your trust with Deatak.

— Salvatore Messina, CEO + Founder Govspec Group Inc.

I want to report back that Braedon was very successful with the LOI instrument repair. I called him “Rudy” because he was so persistent and never gave up on the issue. I shared with him that it was 10 seconds to go in the last quarter and he made a touchdown 99 yards away. Very proud of him for his commitment to fix this instrument.

— Tim Austill,

Our partnership with DEATAK has spanned many years and strengthened a great relationship. We are always impressed with DEATAK’s prompt, reliable service and have purchased several new pieces of fire testing equipment and equipment upgrades through them. Their customer service is excellent, and their support is unparalleled. Whether we needed support on a custom change to a piece of equipment, software updates, or advice on maintenance or repairs, the DEATAK team has gone above and beyond to help us. Thank you, DEATAK!

— Nathan Wright, R&D Process Technician Sekisui Kydex

Since our first approach with Deatak, we have received excellent customer service, from the quotation, purchase, installation, training, and technical support. In the first instrument acquired, a critical part was damaged during the move. However, Deatak took over and supported us effectively until the problem was solved. After three acquired instruments from Deatak, we realize they're responsible for their customers and experts on what they do.

— Perla Itzel Alcántara Llanas, CENTA-CIDESI

It has been a pleasure to work with Deatak while upgrading my laboratory equipment. Deatak’s equipment is thoughtfully designed and built to withstand the grueling conditions that are common in fire and flammability testing. They’ll also work with you to retrofit older equipment, even if they were not the original manufacturer. If you run into any problems with the equipment, their knowledgeable technical support staff will work with you to diagnose the issue, and they’ll have you back up and running in no time.

— Chris Palumbo, Sr. Manager of Product Testing, Capital Testing And Certification Services

My lab has been a user of the MCC-1 from Deatak since 2006 and we were an early adopter of this equipment from Deatak as I have serial number 002 for this instrument. I deliberately picked the instrument from Deatak because of their philosophy of durable design and clear communication of what the instrument did vs. the test need and HOW it generated the data. There was never a surprise with their equipment about why you got the results you did, and, with the knowledge of how it generated results, you could quickly size up when the instrument was out of calibration or needed repair. This instrument has been a major workhorse for my lab and we rely up on it to conduct testing for basic and applied research as well as for test results for customers. Deatak has always been highly responsive to my questions about the instrument, has enabled custom changes to my instrument for special projects, and has provided customer service that allowed me to stay operational when our contract work depended upon it. Overall, soundly built equipment with good customer service is a winning combination in my mind for delivering fire test results that you build your reputation upon. I’m very glad I bought from Deatak and while I’m convinced my MCC-1 will easily last the rest of my career (with maintenance of course) I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

— Alexander B. Morgan, Group Leader and Distinguished Research Scientist University of Dayton Center for Flame Retardant Materials Science

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