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Deatak knows a strong team is essential to any great business. Comprised of qualified service representatives, manufacturing assemblers, and administrative staff, Deatak is always ready to share knowledge and expertise with clients. Deatak is proud of the faces behind the name that ensures industry flammability test instrument needs are being met. We share the same dedication to the flammability industry as your laboratory.

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Frederick Schall


Fred has over 40 years of experience in material destructive physical testing. In 1979, Fred focused his interests to specialize in fire and flammability tests. In 1982, he designed and constructed the first commercially produced Cone Calorimeter adherent to ISO 5660-1&2 and ASTM 1354 in the world, introducing Heat Release Calorimetry to industry and research. In 2005, Fred again was the first to make Small Scale Heat Release Calorimetry available to industry and research by manufacturing the Microscale Combustion Calorimeter adherent to ASTM D7309.

Fred holds leadership positions in International, National, Government, and Industry consensus standards and regulatory committees such as American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), International Standards Organization (ISO), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), US Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Aircraft Materials Fire Test Working Group (IAMFTWG), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Aircraft System Fire Protection Working Group (IASFPWG).

Michael Schall

Vice President

Michael joined the Deatak team in 2012 with an extensive background in accounting and financial consulting. He has used his background to expand the size, capability, and reach of the Deatak brand. With almost a decade of flammability instrument manufacturing, service, and calibration experience, Michael has boosted Deatak’s ability to provide innovative solutions to customers.

In addition to managing and operating Deatak, Michael’s focus is the aerospace industry, specifically the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flammability regulations. He attends the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Aircraft Materials Fire Test Working Group (IAMFTWG) meetings, collaborating with customers, regulators, and industry representatives. On occasion, he will attend the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Aircraft System Fire Protection Working Group (IASFPWG) meetings as well.

With his extensive travel experience, Michael frequently spends up to 6 months of the year visiting customers around the world to share his flammability instrumentation knowledge at conferences and laboratories for installation and training.

Wes VanHuss

Production Control Manager/Service Representative

Wes leads the Deatak manufacturing team and provides technical service, support, and training. He is a licensed journeyman electrician in the state of Wisconsin and implements his knowledge of electrical systems to improve Deatak instrument functionality and ease of use. Wes prides himself in engineering next generation test equipment. In addition, he performs custom engineering solutions and PLC programming for the instruments. Wes is also an OSHA authorized instructor and teaches NFPA 70E.

Christopher Schall, MBA, MIB

Director of Operations

Chris started working at Deatak in 2017 with a background in business analytics, quality control, and process improvement. As a member of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), he is on the front lines of standardization to ensure all Deatak instruments remain compliant with the ever-changing standards environment. Additionally, he holds several officer roles in ASTM. Chris is also responsible for implementing and maintaining Deatak’s inventory management system.

Malory Schall

Office Manager/Sales Representative

Malory joined the Deatak team in 2015 as the office manager with responsibilities including bookkeeping, quoting, and customer correspondence. After developing her flammability test instrument knowledge, she has expanded her role to include coordinating delivery schedules, supervising purchasing activities, and facilitating instrument sales.

Malory is often the first point of contact for customers. She strives to provide excellent and prompt customer service. She can also be found representing the Deatak brand at customer meetings and various industry meetings, conferences, and expositions around the world.

Braedon Eby

Engineering Technician/Service Representative

Braedon has been a member of the Deatak team since 2012. As a National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Developer, he engineers all Deatak instrument software. He is also a part of the Research and Development team designing new products like the Oxygen Index Test Apparatus. As part of the Service team, he is considered the leading expert in the calibration and maintenance of the Microscale Combustion Calorimeter (MCC). Utilizing his expertise, Braedon continues to collaborate with industry leaders to enhance the MCC, with a primary focus on material similarities.

Steve Larson

Project Manager

Steve has decades of experience in tool design, project management, and field implementation. This allows him the unique ability to design a machine understanding actual field conditions the instrument and the operator will experience. With a background in repairing nuclear reactors, Steve knows the importance of well-designed machines that provide both functionality and safety. As part of the Deatak Research and Development team, Steve was heavily involved in the conception of Deatak’s Oxygen Index Test Apparatus to make it 100% compliant with all applicable ASTM and ISO standards while simultaneously integrating numerous safety features to keep operators protected from hot surfaces.

Tana Larson

Electromechanical Assembler/Service Representative

Tana is an exemplary assembler who joined the Deatak production team as a small instrument specialist. Utilizing this foundation, she has skillfully mastered the complexities of the large instruments. Her attention to detail has extended to updating technical manuals to ensure customer support. Tana has also restructured Deatak’s packing procedures to ensure customers receive their equipment undamaged during shipment.

Michael Johnson

Electromechanical Assembler/Service Representative

Michael has a keen aptitude for problem solving. He has a willingness to apply his extensive skill set to any project that requires attention. With a passion for excellence and a hard work ethic, Michael ensures each instrument he builds is ready to serve our customers.

Alexis Knurowski

Purchasing Agent

Alexis meticulously ensures project parts are in stock and made to precise Deatak specifications. Her Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a focus in Communication from the University of Illinois at Chicago prepared her to systematically approach challenging tasks while providing customers with the best experience possible. Alexis exemplifies organization making her the ideal person to kick off the first step in any new customer order.

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